Handicap Accessibility

At the RMNE, we strive to make all of our visitors welcome, and to do our best to allow all visitors the ability to access our facilities. However, due to the historic nature of our museum and our vintage collection of locomotives and rail cars, there are times where we are limited or simply unable to accommodate persons with certain handicap needs.

Our volunteers are more than happy to assist anyone, in need of help or support, in getting aboard our vintage railcars. As far as wheelchair accessibility, we are limited in that we cannot allow any electric/battery operated wheelchairs or scooters onboard. Foldable, push type wheelchairs are permitted. A hand driven wheel chair lift is available for use at the station upon request. Seeing as it is hand driven, it will be used at the discretion of the operator within their physical abilities.

The clearances on the coach for wheelchairs are 26 inches. Any wheelchairs exceeding this width are not permitted. Any wheelchair bound individuals will be allowed a seat for themselves along with the rest of their group on the end of the coach, as wheelchairs cannot fit down the aisles.

Anyone in a wheelchair should be aware that on some trips, (ex. Chocolate Factory stops, Easter Bunny, Pumpkin Patch) the train does stop at locations other than the station and we do not have the ability to get wheelchair bound individuals off the train. The only place we are capable of getting wheelchair bound individuals on and off the train is at the Thomaston Station.

Thank you for your understanding, and feel free to email us if you have any further questions.