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Title: Christmas 2019 Meetings Reminder
Post by: Bill Sample on 22-Nov-2019, 14:06:06
From Bruce Hollis - Parking Personnel

I would like to have all the volunteers that are interested in helping out for parking for the Santa and Northern Lights trains to meet on Saturday at 10:30 am November 23th.  This is to go over everything, especially for any new members. We need all the help we can get, it works best  with a minimum of 6 people. This makes it easier. The first night is November 29th so please plan ahead and sign up. This is for everyone to talk about it and it is also open to new ideas as well.
See you all then!

From Matt Sniffen - Final Pre-Operations Meeting:
Hi All,
We will be having our final Christmas meeting this Saturday 11/23 at 5pm at the Thomaston Station.